about Vanna's litters

Magnus is the firstborn in our house, born 7/21/2010. She was so named for being such a large kit. She is a child of our Hugs and Vanna. She is a dwarf hotot, just like her parents.
Magnus is a very active bunny who likes to explore and chew. She is definitely momma's girl, who never grows out of cuddling with her mother.

Born 11/17/2010. Bandit is from Vanna + Hugs' second litter with us. He is a very good bunny who likes people and only stops playing to have a quick flop.

Born 11/17/2010 along with Bandit. Webby is a slightly shy bunny who always wants to get out and be active. She doesn't like to be picked up because it cuts into her play time.