Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A litter of three

Vanna just had a litter, right on time at 30 days -- to the HOUR. Once again she birthed them while I was in the shower so I missed most of the action.
One of our cats was in the rabbit room at the time and she wouldn't stop meowing. Turns out she was calling for me, "Come see!"
Vanna is such a good mommy. She has had many litters by now (this is her second litter under our ownership) and she doesn't mind me getting close. In fact we built the nest together. I gathered her scattered fur tufts and used the slicker brush to collect some fur donations from Grandpa Mochi.
It is a magical experience for anyone who can welcome some more into their bunny family. We are proud of you, Vanna.


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Congratulations!! Such tiny little things. It is amazing how they turn out.