Monday, December 6, 2010

Bad habits at 20 days

Our two babies are doing well and are learning fast. They have already figured out how to manipulate mom into providing snacktime throughout the day, whereas she used to feed just twice a day. The little spotty one, whom Dad has named "Bandit", is outgoing and likes to chew on his mother's apple twigs and her timothy block. He has also developed another behavior that I detest: wire biting.


Molly Laurel said...

My Forinn is a wire biter, she is determined one day she will break free! ;)

Hef's Mom said...

Bandit! My little troublesome German Shepherd is Bandit, you'll have your hands full with that one!

Roni said...

We are also expecting new bunnies and I will be a grandfather...that is the reason why I am making additional rabbit hutches. I am so excited about the new comers and I just hope they will be all alive and health.