Friday, March 4, 2011

More bubbles next time

If you have ever had to give a rabbit a bath before, you will know that it is only slightly less treacherous to bathe a cat!
Not so with Rumble though. Even though he is hands down the worst in personal hygiene, he is a very good boy at bathtime. Also, he naturally dries in record time.
He doesn't get a bath often, but when they do come along, it is not a nightmare for either the bather or the bathee.


mum of critters said...

He looks so very sad about it tho! LOL

I just LOVED your comment on DR today - I think we dare not look that far up in a bunnies nose in person as we would be sucked into an alternate dimension or something!

(Don't waste too much time on my blog - i haven't blogged in over a year, damn facebook! LOL)

Clare said...

She looks pretty miserable but cute at the same time!! My blog is if you want to check it out!! It's about my pets- 2 dogs and 2 rabbits